Venture Maidens

This well-produced story-driven D&D 5e podcast is one of the best out there. Ably DM’ed by Celeste Conowitch, it follows a regular core of three adventures with occasional guests through a compelling fantasy home brew setting. It is clear that the players are enjoying themselves and the rules almost never get in the way of the cooperative story to which each player ably contributes.

Developed by an all female team of writers, designers, and players, this is an accessible podcast to start listening for someone new to actual play podcasts as the story is strong, and the ruleset takes a backseat to energy at the table.

Bi-weekly Release.

1½ hour recording length.

Explicit tag in iTunes, some F-bombs, but rarely does anything seem out of place or extremely vulgar.

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Active: 2016 – present

Artwork from and all rights reside with the original creator.

Star Riders

This Traveller actual play podcast follows the players in their slightly inept journey through the stars. Competent GMing, quick-witted humor, infectious laughter at the table, and fittingly cheesy music make this one of the best (perhaps the best, as it is an admittedly small field) active Traveller podcast out there.

Currently on a monthly release schedule.

30-40 minutes recording length.

NSFW language, occasional audio quality issues, and background/table noise.

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Active: 2017 – present

Artwork from the StarRiders Podbean site and all rights reside with the original creator.