AuldDragon: Spelljammer

There are very few Actual Plays that make me happy simply because they exist, but knowing that there is an active and well-prepared AD&D 2e Spelljammer campaign is one of them. Masterfully DM’ed by AuldDragon, this brings to life one of the most original Dungeons and Dragons settings every to see print.

If you have heard it said that AD&D 2e is unbalanced, too nitpicky, too dated, or too whatever and you should simply move on to 5e, then please watch these recordings. 2e is a robust roleplaying system and in AuldDragon’s hands it shows itself to be a capable system for engaging storytelling and adventure. Many distinctive elements (nonweapon proficiencies, Thac0, weapon speeds), are well-handled and presented in such a way as to not interrupt the flow of the adventure. Sometimes a player might get some rules mangled with another edition, but you won’t find the kind of derision towards certain mechanics (Thac0 requiring simple math or roll-low for nonweapon proficiencies) that is encountered in some Actual Plays of 2e by players who began their roleplaying with newer editions.

This is not an Actual Play of a museum piece, but an Actual play that reveals that 2e is still a vital game system. AuldDragon’s Spelljammer campaign will introduce newer viewers to Spelljamming Helms and the strangeness of the phlogiston and hopefully inspire them to delve into the rich back catalog of Spelljammer titles on DriveThruRPG. For those of us who remembered playing this setting when it was new, it will remind us that we now live in an era when we can play any game we want with modern technology, we aren’t limited by what is available on the shelves of our FLGS.

AuldDragon’s preparation shows, his integration of Roll20 into the stream helps players and viewers track with movement and combat in space. Being one of the few settings in 2e that expected hexes and squares to be used at the table (boxed sets and the Spelljammer DM Screen all shipped with little flats), viewers will find it very convenient to keep their bearings during both space and personal combat.

There aren’t the elements one finds in more produced Actual Plays, no rich soundboard, live studio, multiple camera angles, and professional audio from all players, but what one will find is a welcoming table to join and watch. AuldDragon GM’s a virtual table that makes the Spelljammer setting shine in Actual Play (and not just something hoarded by collectors on Ebay).

Weekly Release.

4 hour recording length (broken into 1 hour chapters on YouTube).

Rare vulgar language, occasional audio interruptions, occasional audio quality issues, occasional technical difficulties, over talking. No RSS feed.

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Active: 2017 – present

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