What You Fight For

This Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Actual Play is full of all the the kind of scale-appropriate adventure you expect in the world of David Petersen’s Mouse Guard: owls, journeys, mail-carrying through the wilds, scent borders, and bees. It integrates the rules very well, sharing tidbits about the Burning Wheel-derived system that mark it as a very different kind of game than D&D 5e. Listeners might benefit from briefly reviewing some of the vocabulary for the Mouse Guard game, as the players are clearly familiar enough with it that they will make passing references to particular mechanics. That being said, you do not need to know the mechanics to enjoy this actual play podcast.

As this is a Burning Wheel-derived game, there is some unavoidable crunch. At the conclusion of each session they award Fate and Persona points and deal with Beliefs, Goals, and Instincts. If this system is at all of interest to you, they give a good example of the kind of discussion that closes out Mouse Guard sessions. That is part of the fun of the system (admittedly not fun for everyone!). In addition they offer Cheese Chat, a brief and occasional out-of-character discussion that looks at the player’s experiences with each other, the story, and the system.

The table temperament is positive, with good interactions and mutual help in furtherance of the narrative.

Bi-weekly release.

~45minute to 1½ hour recording length.

Good quality recording, occasional table noise, explicit tag in iTunes, but not distracting.

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