Aventurian Adventures

Aventurian Adventures brings the world of The Dark Eye to English-language actual play. The players were beginning to gel just as this podcast hit a hiatus, but it is well-worth a watch if you want to see this system underway. John-Matthew DeFoggi GM’s a remote group of players gathered around their own table. He is familiar with the system and helps the other players gain familiarity as it progresses.

The Dark Eye, with its diverse skill system, is highlighted as the characters solve problems with more than a sword. Various elements that distinguish this from D&D are clearly noted as the players learn just where this roll-under, European style, crunch-heavy game departs from D&D-informed expectations.

I hope this series resumes and doesn’t completely podfade, but it is a valuable edition to the very small The Dark Eye actual play corpus.

Irregular release on hiatus.

2-3 hour recording length.

Some recording issues, some quality issues, some interruptions.

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Active: 2017

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